Educational CPD Programme

We would like to thank everyone who joined our Educational CPD Programme on Monday. Sumbella Khan and Jennifer Law, thank you both for sharing with us your expertise and experience and for engaging all the participants. We’re certain this will be a memorable experience for everyone and something that they can carry with them into the world of education.

We look forward to organising more events like these!

Champions of Wezary 2022

The 2022 Wezary exam results have officially been published and we are extremely proud of the outstanding performance our students have shown across Stirling Schools in Iraq. Seven students have ranked in the top three with Muhammed Ali Osman being awarded first place. 

This is another phenomenal success story in Stirling Education’s history of achievements and we could not be more proud. As always, we extend our thanks to our students, their parents and all the dedicated teachers and staff for their commitment and effort. 

Best Prep School: Perrott Hill

‘We are delighted to share that Perrott Hill has been nominated for Best Prep School at the Tatler School Awards this year. This is the beginning of many more achievements for Stirling Education and all its schools across the globe. 

For the past 19 years, the Tatler Schools Guide has served as the definitive, impartial directory of the leading independent schools in the UK. Out of the 249 of the most prestigious schools in the nation listed in the guide, it is always a question of who will come out on top. The winners are carefully selected from a shortlist, overseen by Tatler’s expert panel. As such, It is an honour to have been nominated and we are excited to continue sharing this journey with you all!’