Our CEO’s visit to Iraq

‘Stirling Education’s Global CEO Tim Fisher took a trip to Iraq recently where he took the opportunity to visit staff and pupils across the country in a number of schools. One of the primary focuses of his visit was to promote the upcoming International Conference on Education & Training (ICET) that will be taking place in London early next year. 

Mr Tim Fisher also attended an important ceremony honouring outstanding academic achievement by our pupils as well as congratulating the students who won the HIPPO International English Language Olympiad earlier this year. 

One of Tim’s visits included a trip to Anbar University in Ramadi. Discussions were held on potential joint cooperation with Stirling Education and British Universities – including the introduction of dual degrees and research collaboration. The President of the University also discussed development plans and gave Mr Tim Fisher, alongside his accompanying delegation a tour of the University grounds and the various faculties within. 

In addition to visiting Universities, Mr Tim Fisher also paid a visit to Baghdad Stirling Girls’ School where he reviewed the Year 11 girls’ art ahead of their upcoming art show and shared a few words of encouragement with the pupils. 

Stirling held a particularly important discussion about the opportunity to support and collaborate on various projects, especially on student exchanges between Universities in the UK and the University of Baghdad. Stirling will also promote potential collaborations across other Iraqi Universities such as the University of Anbar and the University of Kirkuk and UK Universities, providing our students in Iraq the opportunity to experience education abroad.

We look forward to our upcoming collaborations and projects and hope this is the beginning of many more.