23 Students in Top 3 in Iraq Wezary Exam (University Entrance Exam)

Stirling Schools has crowned its history of achievements with outstanding success in the 2020 Wezary (National Bachelorette) Exams of the Republic of Iraq.

In the 2020 Wezary of Iraq, students of Stirling Schools achieved excellent scores and exceptional degrees:10 students of Stirling Schools won first place in the national scale, 6 students won second place, and 7 students honoured us with third place in Iraq.

Cag Schools of Stirling Schools Group in Kirkuk enjoys justified pride of having 8 students with first place, 3 students with second place, and 3 students with third place on the national scale.

Stirling Schools in Baghdad proved remarkably successful with one student with first place, 3 students with second place, and 4 students with third place in all Iraq.

Stirling Schools in Basra take the justified pride of having students with first place, fourth place, and eighth place on the national scale.

Timothy Fisher, Global CEO of Stirling Education congratulates all our dearest students, their parents, and their dedicated teachers for their outstanding efforts and achievements.