A letter to our colleagues

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend you all a warm welcome back to the new school year. I hope you have had a wonderful summer break and are well-rested. 

This new academic year marks the beginning of yet another splendid journey into the education of our students, none of which is possible without your hard work, commitment and support. I look forward to a productive cooperation with you to ensure that our students achieve their highest potential. As such, I am committed to providing you all with the best facilities and tools to help you do your job with as much ease as possible.

As co-operative partners we share the responsibility of ensuring that our students are successful and that parents are happy with their child’s progress. This year it is our goal at Stirling Education, to engage further with parents and encourage their involvement to help bridge the home-school gap in order to achieve even greater outcomes. I am also eager to hear your feedback on how we can assist you further.

I wish you all good luck and hope you have a productive start to the year!

Timothy Fisher

Global CEO