An Award Ceremony For The Wezary 2020 Champions

The staff, pupils and parents of Kirkuk Cag schools are celebrating this month after a remarkable set of results in the 2020 Iraq Wezary Exams, which saw 24 students making the top ten and an incredible eight pupils taking joint first place – the highest possible score.

Attending and speaking at the Wezary Exam Awards Ceremony in Kirkuk this week, Stirling Education’s Global CEO, Tim Fisher, said: “Whilst we are here to celebrate our schools’ national successes in Iraq, we are here to speak of Kirkuk first and foremost. We are a British International school and we are all very proud of the students’ academic outcomes. More importantly, we are incredibly proud of the community outcomes – the outcomes our students provide and contribute to their community.”

Stirling Education, which now owns and operates 55 schools and two universities across the world, acquired the Cag Schools in Kirkuk in 2017 after being impressed not only by the academic outcomes and achievements of the students, but by the character education their schools provide. “Our schools teach students physics and English, of course. But they also teach our students to be good humans and good community members,” says Mr. Fisher. Addressing students’ ambitions and hopes for studying abroad, he added: “I am very pleased to say that Stirling Education has international accreditation from the world-famous education company, City & Guilds, which means that when our students leave our schools they can go and study abroad. And they can then tell everyone just how wonderful Kirkuk is.”

As well as their achievements in the Wezary Exams, students have also represented Kirkuk and Iraq in national and international organisations and the Olympiads. The awards ceremony, which is a highlight of the school calendar, was attended by respected dignitaries including  Cleric Muhsin Al-Battat (His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sistani’s Kirkuk Representative), Lieutenant General Saad Harbiye, (Commander of Kirkuk Operations), Mr. Ismail Al-Hadidi (Iraqi President Advisor), Mr. Muhammad Osman (Head of PUK’s Kirkuk Headquarters, Mr. Omer Qadir Ali (Vice Director of General Directorate of Education of Kirkuk Governorate) and Mrs. Parween Khalid Whab (Chief Inspector – General Education Directorate of Kirkuk).

Stirling Education is a British education company with schools in Iraq, India, Europe and the UK. In Kirkuk, a city of particular pride and importance for Mr Fisher, Stirling Education owns two primary schools, two high schools and two kindergartens. There are now more than 40 Stirling schools and one university in Iraq.