ICET London 2023

On March 17th 2023, the Dilly Hotel in London hosted the annual International Conference on Education and Teaching (ICET), organised by Stirling Education, Stirling Schools, Cambridge University Press, City&Guilds, Gems and UK Teachers Academy. The event was preceded by a reception and dinner at the hotel which provided a platform for the attendees to meet and familiarize themselves with the program ahead of the conference. 

Key guests that attended the event were; Mr Mushtaq Talib Salih, Mr Mahmood Hussein Mutlag, Ms Nour Al Rashied, Mr Raheem Mohammed Khashin, Prof. Dr. Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi, Mr Omar Ali Taha, Dr. Alan Hama Saeed, Mr Burhan Abdulla Adil, Mr Dlshad Omer M.Karim, Mr Choman Hama Seed, Mr Seiwan Faraj, Mr Ahmed Semayel Rahman, Mr Saman Abdullah Mohammed, Dr. Kossay Kamalaldeen, Prof. Mersid Poturak, Ms Sarah Chidgey, Dr. Imogen Casebourne, Prof. Muhammed Al Uzri, Lord Greene of Hurstpierpoint, Mr Timothy Fisher, Mr Moneer Hameed Tolephih, Dr Omed Aruzery. 

The reception was a great opportunity for guests to network and connect with other attendees. During the reception, key guests took the opportunity to make their first remarks and introduce themselves. Following the reception, guests were treated to a delightful dining experience. The meal was also an opportunity for the attendees to interact with each other further, exchange ideas, and discuss the day’s events.

The following day, the conference officially began, and the attendees delved straight into the themes and topics that were scheduled for the day. The conference featured presentations and panel discussions that focused on various aspects of education and teaching. The speakers were experts in their fields, and their insights were thought-provoking and informative. The panels were made up of twelve speakers; Alex McCullough, Caroline Whitting, Ian Jamieson and Dr Moneer Hameed, Stuart Skinner, Jane Rexworthy, Prof. Dr. Dawood Atrushi, Alex Atherton, Dr. Muataz Alhussein, Dr. David Holliman, Matt Vickery,Dr. Umed Aruzery, Dr. Imogene Casebourne, all of whom made valuable contributions to the discussions. We also had five keynote speakers who added to the discussion; Dr. Alan Hama Saeed, Minister of Education KRG, IRAQ, Mr. Mahmood Hussein Mutual, Vice Chairman of the Education Committee, Iraqi parliament Dr. Imogene Casebourne, Associate Researche (Research Lead DEFI Innovation Lab) University of Cambridge, Prof. Muhammed Al Uzri, Health and Higher Education- Advisor Iraq Britain Business Council and Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint. One of the highlights of the conference was Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint’s speech which was deeply inspiring. 

The other presentations and discussions were equally insightful, covering topics such as the use of technology in education, teacher training, and the challenges of educating in the era of Gen Z.

Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint

The conference ended on a high note, with the attendees leaving with new knowledge, connections, and ideas to take back to their respective countries and institutions. The ICET was a resounding success, and the reception and dinner that preceded it set the tone for an exceptional conference experience. The event was a testament to the importance of education and teaching in society and the need for international collaboration and exchange of ideas to improve the quality of education worldwide.

Following the conference, Guests were invited for afternoon tea at the House of Lords where they were given speeches by Baroness Nicholson and Mr. Alastair Niven who made a profound point that “The constantly changing technologies which young people are constantly flitting between is a stunning perspective of a dynamic future of which Iraq and Britain will play a leading part”, which is a takeaway that is particularly important for Stirling Education.

Baroness Nicholson
Alastair Niven

The day following the event, guests were given a guided tour of London which was arranged to take the guests on a journey through the most iconic landmarks and attractions in the city. For many of the guests, it was their first-time visiting London, making the tour an even more unique and special experience. One of the highlights of the tour was the boat ride through London on the river Thames which provided a different perspective on the city, something we’re sure all guests will remember. 

Our Global CEO Met with Prof. Dr. Kosar Muhammad

The head of the University of Sulaimani hosted a meeting with the Executive Director of Stirling Education.

Professor Dr. Kosar Mohammed, the head of the University of Sulaimani, welcomed Mr Timothy Fisher, the Executive Director of Stirling Education from the UK to discuss engagements. The meeting was also attended by Mohammed Nouri, the General Manager of United Saints in Sulaimani and Darnakh Raouf,

Discussions were carried out on joint cooperations between the University of Sulaimani and Universities in the UK with the consideration of future workshops and conferences. Both parties agreed on and signed a letter to solidify a formal relationship of engagement.

Stirling Education is known to operate many schools in the Kurdistan Region. Stirling Schools in Sulaimani are also named the ‘United Science’. While having strong grounds in Kurdistan, Stirling Education also runs over 100 schools and universities worldwide including pre-schools and kindergartens.

ICET London 2023

We are delighted to announce that Stirling Education will be hosting the 3rd International Conference on Education and Teaching (ICET) 2023. The event will take place in London on March 17th 2023 at the Dilly Hotel and will be welcoming educational experts, educators, trainers, education policy makers, and community leaders from the national and international community with the goal of promoting education and contributing to the development of schools as well as teachers’ professional development.

The theme of this year’s ICET is exploring education in a way that can nurture and appeal to Generation Z and Alpha. With the advent of technology and a new globalised, digitalised world, schools are having to ask the question of whether they are ready to keep up with new generations. ICET will provide the perfect opportunity to discuss these challenges and how leaders in education can provide solutions.

In addition to the conference, we are excited to announce that there will also be an afternoon tea at the House of Lords at 3:30pm. This will be an opportunity for attendees to network and discuss the conference further in a more relaxed setting.

We hope that ICET 2023 will provide a platform where we can collectively reflect on developments and new approaches to schooling so that together we can pave the way for educational success.

Our CEO’s visit to Iraq

‘Stirling Education’s Global CEO Tim Fisher took a trip to Iraq recently where he took the opportunity to visit staff and pupils across the country in a number of schools. One of the primary focuses of his visit was to promote the upcoming International Conference on Education & Training (ICET) that will be taking place in London early next year. 

Mr Tim Fisher also attended an important ceremony honouring outstanding academic achievement by our pupils as well as congratulating the students who won the HIPPO International English Language Olympiad earlier this year. 

One of Tim’s visits included a trip to Anbar University in Ramadi. Discussions were held on potential joint cooperation with Stirling Education and British Universities – including the introduction of dual degrees and research collaboration. The President of the University also discussed development plans and gave Mr Tim Fisher, alongside his accompanying delegation a tour of the University grounds and the various faculties within. 

In addition to visiting Universities, Mr Tim Fisher also paid a visit to Baghdad Stirling Girls’ School where he reviewed the Year 11 girls’ art ahead of their upcoming art show and shared a few words of encouragement with the pupils. 

Stirling held a particularly important discussion about the opportunity to support and collaborate on various projects, especially on student exchanges between Universities in the UK and the University of Baghdad. Stirling will also promote potential collaborations across other Iraqi Universities such as the University of Anbar and the University of Kirkuk and UK Universities, providing our students in Iraq the opportunity to experience education abroad.

We look forward to our upcoming collaborations and projects and hope this is the beginning of many more.

Outstanding Success

11 ???????? ?? #???_10 ?? IRAQ ?????? ?????. 

Outstanding success by our students across Stirling Schools.

In the 2021-2022 Wezary exams of Iraq, 11 students were in the top 10 in all of Iraq.

We congratulate our students with admiration for their phenomenal success! ?

We’d also like to congratulate their parents and teachers for all their effort and dedication. Thank you! ??


Open Mornings – Perrott Hill

PH is delighted to offer Open Mornings in January, May and September/October each year, with individual visits available throughout the year.

A letter to our colleagues

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend you all a warm welcome back to the new school year. I hope you have had a wonderful summer break and are well-rested. 

This new academic year marks the beginning of yet another splendid journey into the education of our students, none of which is possible without your hard work, commitment and support. I look forward to a productive cooperation with you to ensure that our students achieve their highest potential. As such, I am committed to providing you all with the best facilities and tools to help you do your job with as much ease as possible.

As co-operative partners we share the responsibility of ensuring that our students are successful and that parents are happy with their child’s progress. This year it is our goal at Stirling Education, to engage further with parents and encourage their involvement to help bridge the home-school gap in order to achieve even greater outcomes. I am also eager to hear your feedback on how we can assist you further.

I wish you all good luck and hope you have a productive start to the year!

Timothy Fisher

Global CEO

This is the moment history stops; for a minute, an hour, for a day or a week; this is the moment history stops.

The long reign of Queen Elizabeth II was marked by her strong sense of duty and her determination to dedicate her life to her throne and to her people. On her 21st birthday the young Princess Elizabeth declared to the Commonwealth that

‘my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service.’

For more than 70 years, through times of prosperity, innovation and hardship, Her Majesty never wavered on that pledge, leading by example and showing the world what true service and dedication means.

On behalf of everyone at Stirling Education, I would like to express our sincerest condolences on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts and prayers are with all members of the Royal Family at this time.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II leaves behind a remarkable legacy, having ruled for longer than any other monarch in British history, and her faithful leadership, selfless service and voice of reassurance throughout her seventy-year reign will be remembered by us all.

Timothy Fisher

Global CEO

A letter to our parents

Dear parents,

School has finally begun and it is our pleasure to welcome you all back! We hope you enjoyed your summer break and that it was filled with joyous moments. Throughout the holidays we have been working hard in preparation for the new academic year to ensure your child and you have a smooth transition back into school, and a prosperous year ahead. 

It is always our mission to help every child feel welcomed, relaxed and well cared for as part of our Stirling Education family. We strive to encourage and inspire our students in the learning process to help them find themselves. We believe in nurturing and supporting the development of strong and resilient characters who think independently and are ready for growth and improvement. 

This year, we would like to encourage more parent-teacher co-operation to help bridge the home-school gap and to give an opportunity to parents to get involved with their child’s school life. We would love for you to come forward with any suggestions surrounding challenges your child may be facing so that together, we can create a positive learning environment that your child will enjoy. 

We have no doubt that by working together and incorporating a positive outlook, we are able to achieve great things! 

Many thanks,

The Stirling Education Team

Educational CPD Programme

We would like to thank everyone who joined our Educational CPD Programme on Monday. Sumbella Khan and Jennifer Law, thank you both for sharing with us your expertise and experience and for engaging all the participants. We’re certain this will be a memorable experience for everyone and something that they can carry with them into the world of education.

We look forward to organising more events like these!