Welcome to Stirling Education Trust

A great school unlocks a student’s full potential whilst offering a safe, inclusive, and supportive school environment. Our aim is to inspire and empower students so that, in time, they become confident members of their immediate community whilst retaining a global.

Our schools encourage and inspire our students to become the best that they can be. Academic outcomes are important. However, we also look beyond academic achievement towards the development of the student’s character. Today’s world is challenging and it is a minimum requirement to look to nurture and develop strong and resilient characters who have both a sense of independent and critical thinking, embrace and welcome problem solving, to be lifelong learners, and have a sense of creativity.


We are most pleased with the special trusting relationship developed between Stirling Education and our parents. Stirling Education has been trusted with the most precious of responsibilities: nurturing a child’s educational welfare and personal development.


I would also assert that Stirling Education is bold in its forward thinking and recognises a need to adapt to an ever-changing technological world. Our curriculum has been adapted to contain a strong digital element, supported by excellent ICT teaching and the latest classroom technology. Our online and digital teaching offering has been pressure tested under the toughest of conditions: global pandemic lockdown. Such was the online teaching capability and learning content that in all jurisdictions Stirling Schools rolled out its learning management system, the National Ministries of Education requested access to the system for state school students. An accolade that we are immensely proud of.


Stirling Education has a global outlook and we own and operate schools all over the world. We believe that each student in the world has the right to have a highly-developed education.


Stirling Education has a wonderful team of educators and administrative staff, all of whom are dedicated to delivering outstanding education. Thank you for taking the time to explore Stirling Education.


Timothy Fisher
Global CEO, Stirling Education