Conversations between Stirling Education and the former British Council General to Boost Educational Quality in Iraq

A delegation from Stirling Education, led by CEO Timothy Fisher, recently met with the recent former British Council General James Goldman in Iraq to discuss enhancing educational standards. The delegation included Dr. Omid Arzouri, Stirling’s commissioner in Iraq, and Bnar Karim Mohammed, General Director of Stirling Kirkuk Cag Schools, Baroness Mobarik of the British House of Lords also attended the meeting.

Commitment to Quality Education

The discussions focused on improving the quality of education and fostering scientific cooperation. Former Council General Goldman expressed strong support for Stirling Kirkuk Cag Schools, emphasising the need to align their educational standards with global levels to provide students with the best opportunities.

Collaborative Efforts

Mr. Timothy Fisher reiterated Stirling Education’s commitment to excellence through innovation and international collaboration. Dr. Omid Arzouri and Baroness Mobarik also highlighted the broader socio-economic benefits of investing in education.

Enhancing Educational Opportunities

Bnar Karim Mohammed outlined initiatives for improving educational outcomes, including teacher training which has already successfully taken off, advanced teaching methods, and integrating technology in classrooms which is a current focus at Stirling Education. The meeting concluded with a mutual commitment to these goals, with support from the former British Council General expected to play a crucial role.

This collaboration between Stirling Education and the former British Council General marks a significant step towards elevating educational standards in Iraq. By leveraging international expertise and fostering strong partnerships, Stirling Kirkuk Cag Schools aim to become a model of quality education, benefiting students, teachers, and the wider community.