Stirling Foundation is the charitable partner to Stirling Education.


Stirling Foundation works hand in hand with our schools’ and universities’ teachers and students as well as the fund management, to deliver humanitarian support to those in desperate need.


As an example, regional conflicts in Syria and Iraq have resulted in multiple immigration and people displacement challenges. Stirling Foundation provides teaching resources, combined with humanitarian aid to alleviate the immediate crisis in the refugee camps of Northern Iraq.


It is likely that young learners will mostly grow up and live all their youth in the camps. This requires a long-term solution and Stirling Foundation is committed to providing education services to the refugee camps.


Stirling Foundation provides teaching to the young learners living in the refugee camps. Volunteer students and staff from Tishk International University (TIU) deliver these lessons. Working alongside the UNHCR, lessons are formally organised and delivered in classroom environments in the camps.


Beyond the classroom, our work in the camps includes supplying health and dental checks through our volunteer doctors and the dentists. The latter come from the TIU dentistry department.


The coordination and organisation is driven from the university dean’s office. The dean’s secretary is the project lead with the camps and voluntarily coordinates across the university faculties and student groups.


Stirling Foundation is at the forefront of the charitable effort in Iraq. We are proud that Stirling Foundation is working alongside aid agencies within the most disadvantaged communities to try and meet the needs of the most vulnerable.

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