ICET London 2023

We are delighted to announce that Stirling Education will be hosting the 3rd International Conference on Education and Teaching (ICET) 2023. The event will take place in London on March 17th 2023 at the Dilly Hotel and will be welcoming educational experts, educators, trainers, education policy makers, and community leaders from the national and international community with the goal of promoting education and contributing to the development of schools as well as teachers’ professional development.

The theme of this year’s ICET is exploring education in a way that can nurture and appeal to Generation Z and Alpha. With the advent of technology and a new globalised, digitalised world, schools are having to ask the question of whether they are ready to keep up with new generations. ICET will provide the perfect opportunity to discuss these challenges and how leaders in education can provide solutions.

In addition to the conference, we are excited to announce that there will also be an afternoon tea at the House of Lords at 3:30pm. This will be an opportunity for attendees to network and discuss the conference further in a more relaxed setting.

We hope that ICET 2023 will provide a platform where we can collectively reflect on developments and new approaches to schooling so that together we can pave the way for educational success.