NATO Admiral visits IBU

Admiral James Foggo III contributing to the panel discussion held with students and educators at IBU.

International Burch University received a very insightful visit from Admiral James Gordon “Jamie” Foggo III. Admiral Foggo is an Admiral of the United States Navy who serves as commander of the United States Naval Forces Europe-Naval Forces Africa and commander of Allied Joint Forces Command Naples. 

IBU’s entrepreneurial approach to education attracted Admiral Foggo’s attention; which orientates learners towards sustainable career pathways after graduation. Since IBU has a unique position in the region where learners in the University are not only considered for what they are taught but rather what they carry with them into practical life.

After Admiral James Foggo III received a warm welcome upon arrival at IBU, he subsequently attending an active panel discussion with the contribution of students and remarks from the Admiral as well.

Admiral Foggo arriving at the premises of IBU, greeted by the Rector and Staff

Accompanied by a delegation from NATO, Admiral Foggo witnessed IBU alumni discuss successful start-ups following a successful course completion at IBU. A place to provide students with more than academic knowledge but rather a pathway towards successful careers with an entrepreneur’s outlook. Then the Admiral added,

Panel discussion on the entrepreneurial education witnessed through successful start-ups of alumni with achievements within BiH

“When I heard about Burch University; I wanted to come and see myself how you work. Because this type of education is the key to BiH’s development, and I am happy to be here”.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s self-sustainability lies in the strength of their educated youth. Hence Stirling Education is dedicated to ensuring that graduates from IBU are well equipped with European values in Education. Critical thinking, creating opportunities, and ability to support the economy in their locality in BIH are defining the goals and objectives of Stirling Education.

The discussions led by students demonstrated how they turned their ideas into start-up projects and businesses with significant impacts. Some of the projects included tackling mental illness, infectious diseases, human resources, and measures against violence.

With a track record of his academic achievements as a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, an Olmsted Scholar and Moreau Scholar, holding a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) at Harvard University and a Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies (DEA) in Défense and Strategic Studies from the University of Strasbourg, France; the Admiral concluded his remarks by saying:

“I am delighted with the ideas that solve the world’s problems since BiH is in the process of reforms and transition. It is crucial to contribute to the education system that will allow young people to stay in BiH after graduation and to realise the knowledge, skills, and ideas they acquired in BiH. This approach will help transform society in general, and you are a good example of that,”

Stirling Education commits to support Richmond Park Education’s teaching program in IBU. Students led by successful leading figures in the business sector where they teach more than the lectures to their students. Lecturers demonstrate a model of success to help learners envision their future endeavours following the completion of their studies.

A speech from Assoc followed the heart-warming engagement of the panel speakers. The rector of IBU Prof. Dr Mersid Poturak expressed remarks on the proactive approach of the University in all the segments; including security development and peacebuilding in the country and the region by attracting the most talented students in the fields of business, engineering, arts, politics, and other areas. He then added to say:

“We are a rare example of a direct link between studies and the application of acquired knowledge in the real sector and life. Our goal is to retain young people in BiH,”.

During his stay at the University, Admiral Foggo engaged with talking to students, who presented their ideas, projects, and companies that represent the first University incubator project platform. Moreover, the Admiral met IBU alumni, whom through their education at the university, acquired the knowledge they used in real life and career sectors.

Accompanying the Admiral; the NATO delegation included Brigadier Generals of NATO forces in BiH: Marty J. Bissell and William J. Edwards who has now accepted the function of NATO Headquarters Commander in BiH.

As an educational corporation; Stirling Education looks towards a more successful Bosnia and Herzegovina. A country enriched with education ingrained with our British values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.  These values are part of the training the learners at IBU with the hope of witnessing the growth of the leaders of tomorrow.