Stirling Education; presented their game-changer for education in the Middle East

Education has to continue, but with the obstacles due to COVID-19 around the world, game-changing opportunities must be addressed in the education sector. 

Stirling Education’s strategic partnership with UK EDU TECH; an education technology firm in the UK has allowed introducing a new initiative for the education system in Iraq like implementing online learning across Stirling Schools for the first time in the history of the country. 

E-Learning is achievable with the Mercury learning management system developed in-house through collaboration between the educators at Stirling Education and developers at UK Edu-Tech.

This initiative created a positive effect in the country, as the youth outside Stirling schools were given free access to the online content from Stirling teachers. 

So far, over 10 million lecture engagements have been recorded country-wide on the publicly opened Mercury LMS. 

As a key influencer in the region, Stirling Education took part in a roundtable discussion organised by the DIT (Department of International Trade) Education UAE (United Arab Emirates) with her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner, Simon Penny to discuss game-changing initiatives on Wednesday 24 June and Stirling Education presented this initiative to other game-changing British Education providers like Pearson.

UK business representatives from 26 countries in the MENA pitched their initiatives alongside Stirling Education. The key message from Stirling Education is to focus on turning challenges into opportunities in order for the process of education to continue. 

The platform created an enlightening environment from the 10 experts across different countries. Timothy Fisher, CEO of Stirling Education stated that we might add the customer experience “wonderful offering” to indicate the success of our product in Iraq which will shortly present a unique opportunity for education across the world. Mercury is the unique combination of a Student information system and Learning management system with over 50 modules and unlimited potential. The platform is all-inclusive and user friendly, developed with Microsoft technologies that offers ease of use for Universities as well as K-12 Schools. 

All attendees are aware of the change of the Game. Now it is time to do something new.