Stirling Education Schools’ great achievements in the Wezary 2020 National Bachelorette Examinations

Stirling Schools added another phenomenal achievement to its long track record of educational successes..

In the Wezary 2020 (National Bachelorette) Exams of the North Region of Iraq, students of Stirling Schools achieved outstanding outcomes with exceptional examination results. All senior school students in the country need to sit the Wezary Exams to enter  University.

Stirling Schools graduates gained  first, second and third places in the country. The top student in the country was Vanya Sherko from Halabja Girls College. A further, six students from Erbil Girls College, Sulaymaniyah Boys College and Halabja Boys College, achieved second place ranking and four students from Sulaymaniyah Girls College and Sulaymaniyah Boys College, achieved third ranking. A truly remarkable effort and achievement.

Stirling Education Global CEO, Timothy Fisher commented “I am pleased and proud in equal measure. This is not a ‘one-off’ result. Our students benefit from the immense experience of our teaching staff coupled with the discipline and encouragement offered by our schools”

“And, finally, I congratulate our wonderful students but also I give thanks to the great support shown by their parents and the dedication shown by our teaching staff”.