Wezary Awards Ceremony 2021

Many congratulations to our students, teachers and families for their exceptional successes in this year’s Ministry (Wezary) Exams. To celebrate their achievements, we were honoured to welcome some important guests to last week’s awards ceremony and the opening ceremony of our new building at Ishik Girls’ School in Al-Mansour – Dawoodi. These included Mr Mahmoud Hussein Al-Qaisi, General Manager of Private and Foreign Education, Mr Adnan Al-Baraa, General Manager of Education of First Karkh, the British Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Mark Bryson Richardson, and the Global CEO of Stirling Education, Mr Timothy Fisher. During the ceremony, the sixth preparatory students were awarded for their excellence and for obtaining the top places in Iraq – a remarkable achievement considering the exceptional circumstances that they went through. Mr Fisher praised the efforts made in terms of the educational and pedagogical levels and the excellent environment for students to improve the educational aspect at Stirling Schools. Very well done to you all.